isotretinoin buy online Professional Online Training From script to screen. Whether its a new initiative, new software applications or general soft skills training, online learning is the most cost effective way to reach employees or customers province-wide. Digital training, or eLearning,  allows you to engage your students with mixed media such as live video, computer simulations/animations and guiding narration for greater impact and skills retention.

  • Comprehensive Instructional Design
  • Detailed Scripting 
  • Graphic Storyboards
  • Full Course Production
  • Testing and Course Evaluation

Project Launch Videos

Before you can get staff buy-in , you first have to get their attention. Short, high impact launch videos create interest and awareness about your new initiative. 

  • Story Concept
  • Scripting
  • Storyboards
  • Production
  • Rendering and Hosting
  • Reporting

What is Story Technology?

High Impact Storytelling

Great storytelling begins with a great story. It needs to be concise, informative and engaging. These are the tools I use to create compelling stories for clients.

  • Professional Video Recording – Mobile or Studio
  • Professional Story Design & Scripting
  • Professional Motion Graphics and 3D Elements

  • Professional Editing and Video Hosting

Stephen O’Hearn

I am a seasoned Instructional Designer, with over eleven years of experience. I specialize in the development of online training solutions that include, eLearning, blended models and web-based instruction. I am highly trained in instructional design, live video, motion graphics and multimedia. I am also very experienced in enterprise change messaging and corporate communications that support the training initiative. 

Not accepting new clients at this time.

Ph:   (1) 604-226-4604

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